• Studied Ayurveda-Medicine at Rosenberg Akademie (Berlin), graduation in 2016
  • Studied Alternative Medicine in Berlin, graduation in 2013
  • Specialized in one to one Yoga and Yoga-Therapy, since 2008
  • Training to practise Craniosacral Therapy, Osteophaty and Fascia-treatment, since 2007 
  • Undertook Shiatsu training, in 2006
  • Undertook Ayurvedic Massage training course in India, in 2005
  • Regular month-long advanced yoga training in India, Italy and Great Britain, since 2003
  • Began to study with Diane Long und Sandra Sabatini (two of Vanda Scaravelli’s three direct and long-term students), in 2003
  • Began to independently practise yoga and meditation on a daily basis, in 1999 
  • Worked in the field of development cooperation in Southeast Asia for a number of years (for GIZ)
  • Studied International Politics, Sociology and Intercultural Management at the Universities of Stuttgart, Tübingen and Berlin 
  • Raised in Göttingen (Germany)

Svenja Becker, HP, M.A., MBA

Scaravelli Yoga  

Körper-und Bewegungstherapie



Remise an der Marie

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