Body and Movement Therapy


Listening to you and through the following discussion I can find with you the appropriate treatment plan to reach more wellbeing. The purpose of my treatment is to strengthen and/or restore health. If only the symptoms are worked on, the problem often shifts in another direction, or disappears for a short time only.

The Body and Movement Therapy consists of different fields that can be combined and that complement each other.


The different fields are:



biodynamic craniosacral-therapy

deep fascia treatment, triggerpoint massage, shiatsu

yoga therapy

respiratory therapy and relaxation techniques



Yoga and Yoga-Therapy


Yoga is not about reaching the perfect pose or something similar. It´s not about performance. On the contrary, yoga is all about listening and feeling what our body and our spirit are trying to tell us and about trusting in what we "hear".

During yoga practice a deep relaxation as well as a great power arise, due to the "letting go" of tensions; something that cannot be accomplished by over-stretching or the strenuous practicing of positions. It takes time and mindfulness of oneself to rediscover our own inner teacher. Everyone has one!

Thanks to my many years of experience I can help you unfold a new quality in movement, breathing and mindfulness. Enjoy!


As every human being is unique, in the yoga tutorials - the Yoga Therapy - I enter upon each individual´s physical and mental needs and condition. For this, there is a great bandwidth of physical exercises and breathing, awareness and meditation practices, but also my experience and skills from Craniosacral Therapy and Osteopathy enrich the guidance. The class is always adapted to the individual and the time of the day.

Through the individual practice, the practitioner (YOU!) will be picked up exactly at the point where you are at this moment. This could be, for example, a state of exhaustion or stress, after an injury or an emotional burden; or maybe you want to enter a deeper connection with the body to feel it more and get in form and flow.


one-to ones are suitable for everyone and especially for persons who:


- have special needs, conditions, and health problems

- want to maintain and promote your health as well as improve your flexibility and strength

- want to deepen your practice

- want to be flexible in time and location

- are pregnant and want to prepare for birth

think you are too old to start practicing yoga.